Nozomi (twistedprince) wrote in girlsaresweeter,

May I join?


1.How do you identify (lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, queer, etc.)? Lesbian. I used to claim bisexuality/pansexuality, but I realized...boys make my stomach hurt. Not quiver in anticipation, like girls do....but hurt.
2.How old were you when you realized it? 13 when I realized I like girls (although I made comments while a Brownie about Hooters Girls).
3.Are you out? Out as can be.
4.If so,how did everyone handle it? Quite wonderfully.
5.Do you have a girlfriend? Nope... Single. On the lookout.

And some piccurs of me - they've been X-posted on Ikissgirls, so sorreh if you've seen some of t hem before.

This is me. And my boob. It really is that big, I swear. x.x

My pussy. >D Her name is December. Cute, aintchee?

This is where I would LOVE to have sex. A rumpled, purple and red bed with a mooshi pillow and three other regular pillows.

Me. Trying to look amused

Lookit my chub! Ain't I cute? >>


The tat. ^^

Me, pre-tattoo, and during Thanksgiving. I look utterly exhausted

Thanksgiving, my hair ungelled. I'm such a dork.

My friend made this for me. I heart her, and while it may upset some..>> I think it's funny.
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